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Dana Bartlett - Afternoon in Italy
Dana Bartlett
Alson Skinner Clark - Illinois Theatre
Alson Skinner Clark
Colin C. Cooper - The Yellow House
Colin C. Cooper
Frank Cuprien - Summer Haze, Santa Monica Mts.
Frank Cuprien
Phil Dike - Low Tide (China Cove, Corona Del Mar)
Phil Dike
Marie Du Barry - Valley Trees
Marie Du Barry
Ben Foster - Sunlit Hill
Ben Foster
John Bond Francisco - Grand Canyon of the Colorado
John Bond Francisco
John Gamble - Bush Lupine, Near Del Monte
John Gamble
Sam Hyde Harris - Ensenada
Sam Hyde Harris
Anna A. Hills - Moorland - Lamorna England
Anna A. Hills
Frank Townsend Hutchens - Spring Blossoms
Frank Townsend Hutchens
William Lees Judson - Cats at Play
William Lees Judson
Paul Lauritz - The Coming Storm-Matanuska River & Flats
Paul Lauritz
Jean Mannheim - Chrysanthemums
Jean Mannheim
Alfred Mitchell - Cuyamaca Pines
Alfred Mitchell
Ernest Narjot - Shady Glen
Ernest Narjot
Edgar Payne - In Port, Brittany
Edgar Payne
Elsie Palmer Payne - Unloading the Catch
Elsie Palmer Payne
Granville Redmond - Valley Ranch
Granville Redmond
Arthur G. Rider - Rooftop Vista
Arthur G. Rider
F. Grayson Sayre - Rockbound Coast
F. Grayson Sayre
Donna Schuster - Spring Blossoms
Donna Schuster
George Gardner Symons - Spring Flowers
George Gardner Symons
William Wendt - Ranch Amongst the Trees
William Wendt
Robert Wood - Sparkling Surf
Robert Wood

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