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June 2015
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Kevin Macpherson

Poppy Field
30 x 40 inches

KEVIN MACPHERSON  continues to marvel us with compelling compositions and delightful new subtle color combinations. In "Poppy Field" the artist draws the viewer with radiant orange poppies to the distant chalky pastel blues cleverly woven throughout the distance. Filled with passion for art and life Macpherson continues to instruct new artists and to give back through his charity.                   

Gregory Hull

40 x 30 inches

GREGORY HULL discovered the back country of San Diego County in California.  Always in search of fresh scenery.  Here he discovers a charming oasis not far from the hectic life of nearby towns.

John Cosby

Bella Vista
16 x 24 inches

JOHN COSBY loves to travel and some of his favorite travels are simple road trips through California wine country. Bella Vista is a well executed vision of a simple Sunday drive in the country waiting with anticipation to discover what treasure we may find around the next bend.

Millard Sheets

High Cliffs of Mendocino
22 x 30 inches

Painter, etcher, illustrator, muralist. Born in Pomona, CA on June 24, 1907. After graduating form Pomona High School, Sheets enrolled at the Chouinard Art School in Los Angeles (1925-29) where he was a pupil of Chamberlin and Hinkle. He further studied with Theodore Modra. After traveling and painting in Europe, he taught at Chouinard from 1929-34 and in 1948. During the 1920s and 1930s he came into national focus with his regionalist scenes similar to those of Thomas Hart Benton. He was an art professor and director at Scripps College from 1934-54 and then spent six years as director of the Otis Art Institute. In 1960, Sheets moved north to the Mendocino coast where he built his dream home "Barking Rocks" in Gualala. He lived there until his death on March 31, 1989. Although his style varied over the years, his works remained representational and are mostly landscapes inspired by California and his world travels. As an architectural designer and muralist, he produced over 100 murals and mosaics and designed a like number of buildings including the Home Savings & Loan buildings throughout California.


Pasadena Museum of California Art  ARMIN HANSEN: THE ARTFUL VOYAGE through May 31

Laguna Art Museum  FRANK CUPRIEN PACIFIC VIEWS  Ongoing 

Bowers Museum CALIFORNIA THE GOLDEN YEARS permanent collection ongoing

Crocker Art Museum ARMIN HANSEN: THE ARTFUL VOYAGE  June 28 to October 11


Art Walk Laguna Beach   FIRST THURSDAYS ART WALK -  July 2,  6 pm - 9 pm

Paul Lauritz
San Fernando Valley from General Sherman's Hill
28 x 30 inches

This historical painting depicts a scenic view of early development in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles county now known as Sherman Oaks. General Moses H. Sherman, as part of a land speculation syndicate, purchased 47,500 acres for  approximately $55 per acre.  In 1927, when the owners divided their shares, General Sherman chose a particularly scenic area with native California oak trees.  Sherman Oaks now covers over nine square miles with more than 60,000 residents.

The artist, Paul Lauritz, chose this exceptional view of the valley during the 1920s, shortly after he arrived in California. His extraordinary use of color is magnified by the reflecting light in the inspiring vast landscape.

Paul Lauritz was born in Larvik, Norway, and was trained in painting early on in his life.  After studying at the Larvik Art School, Lauritz moved west to Vancouver, Canada, to live with his sister and work as a miner.  He later moved to Portland, Oregon, where he worked as an artist and married.  His adventurous spirit led them to the Alaska Gold Rush.  They moved to Alaska, but were unsuccessful finding gold. There he did meet Alaska’s most famous artist, Sidney Laurence (1865-1940).  Lauritz was able to study and paint with this master artist which greatly influenced the quality of paintings for the next ten years. 

The Lauritz’s moved south to California and settled in Los Angeles in 1919 in a studio  home in the Lyceum theater on Spring Street.  Lauritz was an involved member of the Los Angles art community and served for six years on the Los Angeles Municipal Art commission. Lauritz taught painting at the Chouinard School of Art and the Otis Art Institute. In 1925, the King of Norway commissioned Lauritz to create a large painting for the Royal Palace. Upon its completion, the artist returned to California where he continued to paint until his death in 1975 at the age of eighty-seven. His paintings are known for their crisp brushwork and brilliant use of color. He was a highly articulate artist, one of the original artists in the first gallery in Laguna Beach and was close friends with many of the early artists, including Edgar Payne (1883-1947) and Carl Oscar Borg (1879-1947). When he wasn’t teaching, he was exploring and painting throughout California.  There, Paul continued to create, and he became known for his painterly depictions of coastal and landscape scenes.

Lauritz was active in the art community, serving as a member of the Laguna Beach Art Association; the California Art Club; the Painters’ and Sculptors’ of Los Angeles; the Royal Society of Artists, England; the Society of Western Artists; and the Southwest Art Association.

Works Held: Hollywood Athletic Club; Laguna Art Museum; Pasadena Art Institute; Santa Cruz Art Gallery; Springville, Utah Museum of Art; University of Chicago; Ebell Club, Los Angeles; Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce, CA; San Diego Museum; The Irvine Museum; The Fleischer Collection, Arizona.



Granville Redmond
Evening Moonlight
16 x 20 inches

Granville Redmond was born in Philadelphia, PA on March 9, 1871. At the age of three he became deaf from a bout with scarlet fever. The family moved to San Jose, CA about 1874, where he attended the Berkeley School for the Deaf.  There he was greatly influenced by Theophilus D’Estrella who taught Redmond painting, drawing, pantomime.  Upon graduation, he entered the San Francisco School of Design.  He was awarded a scholarship for further study in Paris at Academie Julian.  Acclaim came early for Redmond when his painting Matin d'Hiver (Winter Morning) was accepted into the Paris Salon in 1895.

When Redmond returned from Paris, he spent time painting both Norhern and Southern California.  Always involved with light effects, his paintings are a pure and direct interpretation of nature.  In 1904 he was called "the foremost artist of Southern California" by the reviewers. By 1917, Redmond became good friends with Charlie Chaplin and was instrumental in perfecting Chaplin’s pantomime technique. He had a studio on the Chaplin movie lot and appeared in several of his movies, the most memorable role being the sculptor in "City Lights." He also had a feature role in "You’d be Surprised."


Evening Moonlight is a painting with a provenance back to the studio on the Chaplin movie lot.  This tonal work is a marvelous monochromatic painting which the artist preferred to paint.  These are the moments after sundown with little light left and nightfall soon approaching which brought out new artistic challenges.

Redmond wrote, "The highest tribute paid to an artist is the reflection of man’s noblest work--to inspire." Granville Redmond's talents, education and enthusiasm contributed to his remarkable success during his lifetime.  Today he is one of the most highly recognized artist of the California Impressionists.

Member: Bohemian Club; San Francisco Art Association; California Art Club; Laguna Beach Art Association.
Exhibited: Paris Salon, 1895; Del Monte Gallery, Monterey, 1911, 1913; Panama Pacific International Exposition, 1915; Oakland Museum, 1989 (retrospective).
Awards: gold medal, School of Design; medal, Louisiana Purchase Expo, 1904; silver medal, Alaska-Yukon Expo, Seattle, 1909.
Works Held: Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, California School for the Deaf, Fremont; Laguna Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art; New York City Museum; Mills College Art Gallery; Oakland Museum; Stanford University Museum; Springville (Utah) Museum Art; National Center of Deafness; California State University, Northridge; de Young Museum; Jonathan Club, Los Angeles.

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