The Redfern Gallery Presents

Gregory Hull

Pacific Gold


Gregory Hull presents new works from his recent travels along the California coast.  Hull is one of the foremost artists of our time whose work is acclaimed nationwide. Hull's unique creative vision produces a dynamic quality throughout his work.   This collection is filled with many surprises including striking flower fields, dramatic ocean views and panoramic vistas.


       Pacific Surf                                                 Oil on Canvas                                             20 x 30 inches 



Coastal Bluffs                                               Oil on Canvas                                          44 x 44 inches


Baja Street Morning                    Oil on Canvas                   22 x 26 inches



Keyhole Sparkle                Oil on Canvas                 16 x 20 inches



Poppy Path                      Oil on Canvas                16 x 20 inches



The Keyhole and Dana Point       Oil on Canvas        20 x 24 inches


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