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Maurice Braun

Edgar Payne

Guy Rose

Granville Redmond

William Wendt


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Artists Wanted



Karl Albert
Mabel Alvarez
Dana Bartlett
Oscar Berninghaus
Louis Betts
Albert Bierstadt
Franz Bischoff
Carl Oscar Borg
Edward Borein
Jessie Arms Botke
George Brandriff
Maurice Braun
Benjamin C. Brown
Conrad Buff
William Vincent Cahill
Emil Carlsen
William Merritt Chase
Alice Brown Chittenden
Willaim Clapp
Alson Skinner Clark
Frank Coburn
Elanor Colburn
Colin Campbell Cooper
Eanger Irving Couse
Gordon Coutts
Metta Cressey

Frank Cuprien



Edwin Deakin
Paul De Longpre
Albert Thomas Derome
Maynard Dixon
Paul Dougherty
Angel Espoy
Nicolai Fechin
E. Charlton Fortune
J. Bond Francisco
Charles Fries
John Frost
John Gamble
Selden Gile
Arthur Hill Gilbert
Duncan Gleason
Percy Gray
William A. Griffith
William Hahn
Armin Hansen
E. Martin Hennings
Sam Hyde Harris
E. Martin Hennings
Thomas Hill
Anna Hills
Clarence Hinkle
Clark Hobart


Thomas Hunt
Frank Tenney Johnson
William Lees Judson
William Keith
Joseph Kleitsch
Emil Kosa, Jr.
Paul Lauritz
Maurice Logan
Jean Mannheim
Xavier Martinez
Arthur Mathews
Evelyn McCormick
Barse Miller
Richard Miller
Alfred Mitchell
Mary Deneale Morgan
Frederick John Mulhaupt
Ernest Narjot
Bruce Nelson
George Demont Otis
Jules Pages
Edgar Payne
Agnes Pelton
Hanson Puthuff
Joseph Raphael


Granville Redmond
Charles Reiffel
Arthur G. Rider
Louis Ritman
William Ritschel
Guy Rose
Paul Sample
Birger Sandzen
F. Grayson Sayre
Donna Schuster
Joseph Henry Sharp
Millard Sheets
William Posey Silva
Jack Wilkinson Smith
George Gardner Symons
Mary Bradish Titcomb
Elmer Wachtel
Marion Wachtel
William Wendt
Edith White
Orrin White
Theodore Wores
Stanton Macdonald-Wright


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