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Albert Thomas DeRome

Artist Biography

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Monte Serano near Saratoga

Carmel Beach

Pacific Grove

After Showers

Clearing Late Afternoon

Glories of Spring, Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay, Late Afternoon Light

Sandstone, Lovers Point

Sunshowers Carmel Valley

Between Monterey and Carmel,

Monterey Bay, Before Storm

Sandstone Ledge

Point Lobos

Outer Rocks, Point Pinos

Carmel Valley Near Mouth of Carmel River

Bay Stump, Los Gatos

Spanish Bay Dunes, 17 Mile Drive

Monterey Bay, Picnic Beach

Sand Dunes, Monterey

Late Afternoon Storm

Sunny Sands, Spring on 17 Mile Drive

Monterey Coast, 17 Mile Drive

Congress Springs Canyon from Hotel


The Beach

Monterey Bay

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