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Kevin Macpherson

Artist Biography

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The White Cliffs of Dover

Pedroncelli Vineyard

" Mission Courtyard"

Anderson Valley Homestead

SPF 40

Working Port, Portugal

Happy Hour

A Spring Pastoral

Tasmanian Countryside

Honolua Bay

Rug Seller

Torrey Pines


Rolling Hills with Poppies

View from Chateau St. Jean

Copenhagen Opera House

Park Sentinels

Cromwell Street Hobart, Tasmania

Moroccan Archway

Kauai's Dancing Light

Looking to Molokai

Down Under the Bridge

Surfers Paradise

Last Light at Launceston, Tasmania

Casa Blanca Casbah

Early Morning Light at Oporto

Frozen Brook

California Heights

Dos Eglesias Cadiz, Spain

Autumn Lyric

November Sunshine

Rising Above - Tallin, Estonia

The Last of Winter

When Spring Awakes

Willow Brook

Spring Day

Lavender Fields of Abbaye de Senanque

Good Morning

Morning Light on Mount Banning

Avalon Harbor

Centennial Park, Sydney

Avalon A.M.

African Sunrise (From Gilbratar)

Napa Valley

Big Island Shore, Hawaii

Honfleur Harbor

Life on the Meuse

Luberon Vista

Avalon P.M.

Island of Molokai from Honokohau Bay

River Front Village-Oporto, Portugal

Baltic Light of Estonia

From the Rug Seller's Roof

Reflections of Copenhagen

Old Carignane Vines

Kapalua Coast

View from Chateau Souverain

Afternoon Light

Owens Valley

Coastal Trail

Into the Valley

Climber's Wall

Silver Lining

California Dreaming

Swan Song

Brugge Canal, Belgium

Room with a View

Resting Under the Willows

Spring Greens

Honfleur, France

Sun Worshippers

Vermillion Lakes

Pontatoc Trail

California Hills

Beziers, France

Winter Break

Along the Stream

Rolling Hills

Monumental Light

Sycamores in the Stream

The Confluence

Val de Creuse


First Day at the Beach

Foothills Wash

Vineyard Roses

Life Cycle

Sydney Sisters

On the Rocks

Manly Bay, Australia

Sparkling Avalon

Canyon Sycamore

Rolling Vineyards

Mechelen, Market Square

Up this Street, Down that One

Napa Valley Wildflowers

Morning Arrival

Fieldstone Vineyard

Carson River

Midnight, Beaucaire

Stevens Peak

Mallorca Catherdral - Palma, Spain

Alexander Valley

Trek to the Rijsksmuseum

Tour de la Chain- La Rochelle, France

Coles Bay

Roman Crossing

Above Avalon, Harbor View

On the Colorado River


Sunday Outing

Silver Lake

Desert Amber

Rostock, Germany

Reflections On A Pond, 09/23/04

Reflections On A Pond, 12/15/01 3:30 PM

Reflections On A Pond, 10/07/04

Reflections On A Pond, 11/27/01 4:30 PM

Sun Showers at La Rochelle

Reflections On A Pond, 11/07/01 4:30 PM

Reflections On A Pond, 11/14/04

Reflections On A Pond, 09/21/03

Reflections On A Pond, 09/14/03


Laguna Canyon, Mustard Fields

Hanalai Bay

" First Light Arch Beach Heights"

Reflections On A Pond, 08/08/04 6:00 AM

Reflections On A Pond, 09/26/04

Reflections On A Pond, 09/25/04

Sunshine Valley

Tujunga Autumn


Afternoon at the Beach

The Big Wall at Nankoweap

The Green Boat, Zaandam, Holland

Maison Dr. Gachet

Pont Neuf

Maui and Molakai

Evening Patterns at Nankoweap

Descanso Nocturne

Fields of Fireweed

Laguna Vista

French Village

Valley Dusk

Wild Mustard

Northern California Cliffs

Shark Harbor

Arch, Soft Light

Long Winter Shadows

Laguna Sunset

The Lookout

Lourmarin Mosaic

Shark Harbor

Coastal Light

Reflections On A Pond, 09/10/02 8:30-9:30 AM

Airing Your Laundry, France

Reflections On A Pond, 10/05/03 2:30 PM

Tropical Playground

Rocky Point

Laguna Sea

Reflections On A Pond, 12/02/01 4:15 PM

Reflections On A Pond, 11/29/01 10:30 AM

Reflections On A Pond, 11/21/01 4:15 PM

Reflections On A Pond, 11/23/01 9:00 AM

Reflections On A Pond, 12/13/01 8:00 AM

Reflections On A Pond, 11/02/01 3:00PM

Reflections On A Pond, 09/29/04 9:30 AM

Reflections On A Pond, 12/06/01 3:30 PM

Castle Builder

Evening Gold

Laguna Beach


Arroyo Gold

Golden Pastures

Provence Courtyard

San Diego through the Trees

Mountain View, Owens Valley

Winter Break

Looking Down to Avalon

Sycamore Splendor

El Capitan

Winter Brook

Along the Canal

Passing Clouds


Catalina Coast

Cloud Shadows

View of Palos Verdes

Misty Falls

Sunset Glow

Lookout Cottage

Eucalyptus and Bay

Above The Blue Pacific

Half Dome through the Trees

Autumn in the Air

Yosemite Valley View

Pismo Eucalyptus

New Mexico Morning

The Tuna Club


The Square, Arles

" Helana Hay Bales"


The Confluence

Conflans Sur Seine

Wake Up in Zion

Ocean Breeze

North Canyon Rapid

The Outlook

Eminence Break

Aliso Beach

Rembrandt Street

Aliso Creek

Fragrant Patterns

Belgium Poppies

Impressions at Descanso

Fifth Avenue

Via Casino

Desert Foothills

A Walk Through the Forest

Golden Bound

Quai, La Rochelle

The Cliffs at Montage

Down Stream at Nankoweap

Belgium Countryside

Cottonwood Canyon

Half Dome Through the Trees

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